Don’t Go It Alone

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You and God know exactly what that ‘It” is. What I believe the Lord is trying to show you as you read this post right now, is that as a Christian woman, wife, mother or friend in this world, you don’t have to face life’s tests and trials, challenges, or big moments alone. He is with you. So don’t go it alone. Listen. When Jesus left this earth, He left us a Helper. As Christians, we know that Helper is the Holy Spirit. Please don’t [...]

Balance for Women in Ministry

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As I searched online for information on women in ministry, I found it pretty challenging to find something that was all encompassing. What I mean by this is that I couldn’t find much on how to balance it all out with the many hats that we wear. So I pray that this post will be a blessing to many women who read it. With that being said, let’s see how to balance everything that we’re called to do as we become the women in ministry [...]

Don’t Burn Yourself Out!

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Whether you’re experiencing this now or have in the past, when burnout threatens your life, you’ll know. It’s that feeling of complete exhaustion, extreme pressure, and downright overload all wrapped into one as you press to do what needs to be done. It’s like you’re driving 100 miles per hour in the fast lane, knowing that if you don’t slow down you’re going to crash and probably hurt other people in the process! So I caution you…don’t burn yourself out! I’ve been near burnout before. [...]