How to Silence Your Thoughts

(Photo Credit: Canva Pro) Just the other morning, as I opened my eyes for the day, I rolled over and felt this amazing sense of peace. It truly was indescribable. The morning was still. It was quiet. I was still in bed (my feet had not yet hit the floor). But then suddenly, one by one, thoughts began to flood in with each demand of the day – until I silenced them! Yep. I shut them down. And you can, too! Whether you’re rolling [...]

Sabbath Rest

  (Photo Credit: Canva Pro) Do you ever feel like your soul needs refreshing? Do you ever feel depleted at the end of most days? Do you sometimes think or find yourself saying, “I need a sabbatical.” If so, I’m sure you’re not alone. There are many people like you who feel the same way. That’s why it’s so good to take a Sabbath rest. Really, what this means is simply taking a day off and ceasing from your work as God did. Genesis [...]

Don’t Waste Your Week

(Photo Credit: Canva Pro) Wherever you are when you read this post, I know and trust God that it will be timely for you. Whether it’s Monday or Wednesday (or later), it’s still a fresh week for you to draw closer to the Lord, serve, and tackle the tasks of each new day. But as you’re preparing to get things done, I want to encourage you with these words, “Don’t waste your week.” No doubt, as women we are called to do a lot of [...]

Quiet Time Transformation

Photo Credit by Canva Do you feel like you need change at this moment of your life? Do you feel like you could grow more spiritually and personally? If so, I feel you! Did you know that as you spend time with God in the quiet with an open Bible and heart that you can begin the process of transformation, today? Now, I know that I started this post with a lot of questions. But it’s all about self-reflection. The truth is you know where [...]

The Best is Yet to Come

Photo Credit: Canva As we go about life, along the way, we have dreams, hopes, visions, and things that we believe God is calling us to do. We sit back and think, ponder, and envision what life could be like if we began walking in what we’ve dreamed, hoped for, seen, or believed. It’s fun and tough to imagine at the same time, especially if they haven’t happened yet. Today, I am praying and believing God that whoever sets their eyes upon this post [...]

Growing Personally and Spiritually in 2022

Photo Credit: Canva Whenever you’re reading this post, I believe it will be timely. I’m praying on it! As a Christian woman, are you looking to grow in your personal life? How about growing spiritually? Do you have personal goals? How about spiritual goals? Let’s talk about how to grow in both areas in 2022. If you were to do a self-examination, where would you like to grow personally? Is it in your finances? How about your health? Would you like to be slimmer [...]

Cultivating Friendships

  Photo Credit: Canva As women, we are very relational. Companionship is a part of our divine makeup. And I love it! For me personally, I love a good fellowship with my friends. I love coffee chats and weekend getaways to just kick back and retreat. Because just like any relationship, we need to faithfully cultivate our friendships. According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary, the term cultivate actually means to grow, foster, and care for. In Hebrew, it means to nurture, cherish, and breed. So if [...]

When You’re in a Battle

(Photo Credit: Canva Pro) In this life, we will have battles and trouble. I know as Christians, we don't ever want to go through anything. I know it. I'm guilty! In fact, most of us want life to go great all the time. But Jesus never promised that life would be a flowerbed of ease here on earth. Instead, He said through John 16:33, “Here on earth you will have many trials and sorrows." Yet, here's the encouraging part. He goes on to say in that [...]

Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp Went Down…What’s Really Happening?

By Inside Out with Courtnaye If you woke up on the morning of Monday, October 4, 2021 and opened up your Facebook, Instagram, or WhatsApp accounts, then you quickly realized that your apps weren't working. You may have thought, "Did I do something wrong?" or "Am I banned for posting a Scripture or commenting on a post?" At least me and millions of others were beginning to think these things. But what's really happening? Sure, there was a whistleblower story that released last night on 60 Minutes [...]

How to Live a Fruitful Life in Our Day

(Photo Credit: Canva) In these turbulent times, it’s time for the body of Christ to shine brighter in our homes, jobs, communities, churches, and online circles like never before! The world is getting darker and darker, and the Bible forewarned us that in the last days, there would be difficult times. We’re seeing it. Would you agree? I see it. So, as Christians, in order to shine even brighter in this dark and difficult world, we’re going to need to live fruitful lives in [...]

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