Finding Time to Read

I get it! Everybody’s busy. I know all about it, sis. But guess what? In order for you and I to grow in knowledge, wisdom, and understanding of God’s Word, we have to find time within our busy schedules and read.

It starts with a simple prayer, “Father in the name of Jesus, lead me in your Word. Where do you want me to go?” After that, allow the Lord to lead you by His Spirit. He may answer at the moment you open up your Hardcover Bible or Bible app. But He might answer right in the middle of your day.

Finding time to read could look like planning it out the night before or just saying, “That’s it! Everything else can wait. Lord, I need you.” And before you know it, you’re putting on a pot of coffee, grabbing a blanket, and sitting on the sofa with your Bible open on your lap. Ahhhhh! Does that sound refreshing? It does to me, sis!

Sometimes I do all of the above. Sometimes I jump in my car, go through the Chick-Fil-A driveway, and park under a tree to eat my lunch. As I sit there eating, I put on either the audio Bible from the YouVersion app on my phone, or I listen to a spiritual teaching from YouTube. If I’m not reading, I’m listening or watching something to feed my soul and strengthen me spiritually. So mix it up!

How many times have you heard, “You’ve got to be intentional.” I know I’ve heard it over and over again in recent years. It’s kind of a thing now. But here’s the thing that I want to get to you in this post. Read, my sister.

Find time to read the Bible, read a good spiritual book that will also help you grow in your walk with the Lord, read a professional book to grow in your niche or field. Educate yourself. Gain knowledge. And of course, once you get it, don’t be puffed up with pride like the Bible warns us in 1 Corinthians 8:1, “Knowledge puffs up, but loves builds up.” Instead, use it personally and use it to help others. It’s time to find time to read, my sister. Try it today. Try it this week!

Questions to ponder: Are you struggling to find time to read? How can you be more intentional with making time to read more today or this week?
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Courtnaye Richardis the founder of Inside Out with Courtnaye, a ministry that helps women grow in their walk with Christ from the heart and equips them to fulfill their God-given purpose. She is also the author of the book, IDENTIFIED: Knowing Who You Are in Christ and Moving Forward in Your Purpose. Courtnaye is married with three beautiful children and is a contributing writer for, Women’s Ministry Tools, speaker of a host of women’s conferences, and her blog reaches thousands of women across the globe. She resides in the beautiful Texas Hill Country (outside of Austin, Texas).



About the Author:

Courtnaye Richard is a Christian blogger, author, and minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ. She is the founder of Inside Out with Courtnaye – a ministry designed to help women grow stronger in their walk with the Lord from a biblical and practical perspective, live out their life purpose, while also preparing them to be ready for the soon return of Jesus Christ. She’s all about real life, real talk, and real faith! She reaches thousands of women through blogging, but also ministers through devotionals, videos, audio messages, social media, speaking engagements, and her monthly “LIVE” chat on 1st Tuesdays of each month entitled, “Let’s Talk.“ She resides in the Texas Hill Country (outside of Austin, TX) with her husband and three children.


  1. Gina February 4, 2020 at 2:54 am - Reply

    Thank you for your invite to read your did minister to me.
    At my church Christian Life Center Of San Diego CA.
    Bishop Holloway and His Wife are leading us into Exactly the same topics you mentioned here on this blog.spending time in the word.finding more conformational books.going forward to achieve our purpose and be living God when he says we are here for A God Given Purpose…after our last Wednesday Bible Study and the whole Teaching.he called us all to the alter…..he ask for prayer for him and his wife…you see he is much more then a Bishop…he genuinely loves Christ can he loves people North Church you feel the presence of the Lord delivery service And if every Bible study. Our Bishop loves us and he’s trying to equip us you could see the love in his eyes in his words for us in the urinating that he has for us to be more closer to God closer to the word but most importantly for us to fulfill our purpose he wants us all to be healthy not only spiritually and emotionally but most importantly physically because without our health a healthy mind we cannot do what we need to do to accomplish our purpose. So he humbled himself and said to us that if he has failed Us in any way he asked us to forgive him. Because all he wants is to equipped us teachers the Bible in the proper way and she asked us if at any time we feel that he has failed us please let him know. And that’s why nice Wednesday he asked us all to pray over them and he also cried out to us please stay focused stay in the world go out our purpose and bring more people salvation also pray for president to pray for finances pray the better jobs and he also pleaded with us not only educate ourselves in God’s word but to also go out there and find something that would like to do or maybe finish my GED or maybe do you learn a new trade encouraged us all even those of us who are in their mid-forties and on and it’s never too late to learn something new she quoted a Bible verse which I cannot remember this time. But she said the Lord wants us to be equipped not only biblically but in any either way possible. I love our Bishop any man who is willing to humble yourself in front of the whole congregation deserves nothing but to be surrounded with the best equipped people help him grow his ministry please Bishop and Elena Holloway in prayer we have Great Hopes for our church and congregation for this year thank you more encouraging me with your blog to do more. I’ve seen this in many things throughout November December and January I keep seeing it over and over yesterday I blocked everything can everyone went to my prayer room the room where I have the most peace the room that I’ve decorated very beautifully to my liking I call it my happy room. And I spent a record 4 + 1/2 hours doing Bible study cross referencing versus back and forth I remember telling God your word sis be careful what you ask for. Well God gave it to me yesterday lady learned a lot I learn how to cross reference which I have never done in all these years of being Christian stopped I used to just read a chapter in the Bible meditated and tried to understand it but never went beyond that. On Wednesday when I seen our Bishops tears in his eyes and heard the loving words that he had for us. I comprehended how much she loves Jesus how much she loves us how much loves the world and is your name to make us stronger and I and fully equipped go out there indu God’s work .thank you again.
    Keep me Gina Amaro in prayer.
    God knows my need and I am loving one day at the time…with my Husband who says he believes in God….but I think it’s just that he believes.he has also cheated on me 3 times in the last 3 year’s.i almost lost health declined I almost left him.i have tried everything with him…but now after 15 years.ive concluded were I went wrong.and have asked God for fortgiveness.
    I have also tried prayer for my husband.nothing works..and it won’t work till he repents and learns that everything he is and has is because of God…whenever we argue he rebukes God and says the most disgusting things about me but when he talks to people or friends of his…he always says God bless you.may God be with you..God willing.and so on.
    He was raised Catholic.but never has been in church…but every morning before getting in the car he makes the sign of the cross and blesses him self.on his Facebook profile picture he has that skull.the ripper kind…he also has said to me Thu out the year. That he would sell his soul to have money and all the things he needs.i at times think he has..i know that’s bad..but this men has so much Luck as he called it and it seems that way….he looses a job he always finds on.he is not lazy he likes to work.but he is so negative always talking bad about people.all people.he feels superior.smarter.and so you see I just gave you an example of what I have Or who I have in my life every day…he use to go to church with me…but only a few times…nithing has worked…
    Now after this 3 year’s of he’ll in my life because of him..i finally got it
    We are not equal yoked he has so much hate in respect for wemen or anyone who does not agree with him.he is cruel.he is controlling.and has no shame to do what he has been doing to me since we got married.but now I know it’s not my job to change him I do my life as if I was single and he does the same…if he is nice I am nice or else I just block him out and pray for the Lord to put him in check.i now stand up to him…and I no longer talk to him about anything related to God.or what God us going to do to him for being like that with me…or that God loves him so much that’s why he blesses him so much…he don’t want to accept God nor he wants to hear anything about God….so now you see what I been dealing with..but in the middle of all this need at home..i find comfort in God in his word in ministry in helping others in going on ministry to other countries cities churches talking to perfect strangers about feeling other people’s pain as I walk near them I pray every day for others for me.and for God to Esther fix this marriage or for ever set us apart from each other.i know in the past I made many mistakes.and even allow this man to change me in ways I did not even see…i was becoming like him…now I am back been back since 2017 when this men Broke me physically, emotionally. Spirituality, and even tried to hinder my walk with God.
    Not because he knows that I know the Lord and love the Lord..but because this man tried to brake everything that was good in me…o God….my love for him was blind..but I was mostly scared of him…he has hit me many times sense the cheating started..3 months after we got married.
    My health was bad before we got married he use to treat me good never anything bad.but soon we sign papers and I became his wife..was like I became his property….he killed my light.i got fat.depressed in the house all the time .broke my arm in a fall.that made everything worse…i became bother line everything. Anxiety insomnia bleeding problems chair falling I was a mess but in the last 3 years Lord has brought me back being me you don’t know how many times I have tried to leave him I guess deep down I do love him but I don’t want this life for me I have not been able to find a job because of all my illnesses and my broken arm the most important day I think it was because he broke my spirit. But like I said I’m back you could not break me stand up to him every time and all I have to say is. If you have nothing good to say to me then do not speak to me. If you have anger go out and take your anger out on someone else if you want respect you need to respect me too then I pray to the Lord each and every time take control of the situation. God has every time taken over the situation and here I am like I said 3 years later I am back I am back in church back in the ministry back in the world doing the things I love hanging around with people that inspiring me doing things that I like to do meeting with people that love me and I love and not give a care about what she thinks what he’s going to say is he going to be mad say something cuz I come home at 9 or 8 p.m. I don’t care anymore cuz I let God handle it every time I’m not scared anymore when the phone rings and he’s asking me where I am or what I’m doing I don’t answer the phone I let it go open message and then when I feel the need I call and I asked what he needed 90% of the time she says nothing I just wanted to let you know what I’m doing I’m going to be he is the one telling me what he does…some of the time….but this is a piece of my story…a bad one.but my faith and the wisdom that the Lord has given me …the strength that the Lord has Given me is keeping me safe.strong.and back in a better place…i am back he did not brake me…..Thank you for your time.wisdom. and your teachings.
    Many blessings to you my sister

  2. Sheila jackson February 6, 2020 at 8:07 pm - Reply

    I thank u for these Inspiring versus Sheila Jackson thank you

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