There is no doubt about it! Distractions will come. As you are walking out your purpose or even preparing for it, they will be there. It comes with the “purpose” package. There will always be something or someone trying to get in the way to get you off track, off focus, or off the intended goal. But don’t let it or them, sis. Instead, watch out for distractions!

Jesus experienced it when He was tempted three times to do something other than what the Father was telling Him to do. But what did He say? It is written. He knew His purpose, and He stayed focused to accomplish it. Jesus was not going to allow the temptations of the enemy to detour Him from His ultimate calling. And neither should we.

So how do you stay focused when things, people, phone calls, text or in-box messages, emails, housework, hubby, kiddos or even fear, doubt, worry, tests and trials, or temptations interrupt the flow of your purpose for that day or calling? I’ll tell you. Recognize it and deal with it…quickly! For example, Jesus realized what Satan was doing and He caught it right away. In return, He dealt with it instantly with the Word. And that’s how you and I have to deal with it.

Now granted, if your husband needs you to do something, take care of it. Trust me. I’m married, so I totally get this distraction when I’m thigh deep (and I do mean thigh deep) in my work. BUT…he needs me. And I was created to be his helper, so after I get what he needs done, I’m back focused. Get it?

Sometimes, there will be natural or normal distractions. That’s life. However, again the key here is that you first have to realize that it IS a distraction, and that you handle it well and with the wisdom of God’s Word.

Think about it this way. If you have a deadline for your boss, you’ve got to reach it. So plan to reach it. Also, if you know that there’s an event at your church and you’re on the planning committee or team for it, stay focused to get your part done. If you’re working on something super important, make it a point to stay on task (unless your hubby, or kids need something or there's an emergency, or God wants to intervene...these things quite naturally happen). Lastly, if you know that God has called you to do something specifically in this season or even in your calling, don’t lose sight of it for anything or anyone…even if it’s the great tempter himself (Satan).

Just as Jesus was tempted, we will be also. So if you are tempted in any way, shape, or form, the Bible will help you to overcome those temptations through knowing what His Word says in 1 Corinthians 10:13, “The temptations in your life are no different from what others experience. And God is faithful. He will not allow the temptation to be more than you can stand. When you are tempted, he will show you a way out so that you can endure.” This verse is so powerful, true, and has so much protection and help within it!

So stay focused and keep your eyes on the prize to accomplish God’s will for your life, sis…no matter the distraction or temptation. The Lord will show you how deal with it. In the Bible, the Apostle Paul told Timothy these words and I want to encourage you with them as well, “Throw yourself into your tasks so that everyone will see your progress. Keep a close watch on how you live and on your teaching. Stay true to what is right for the sake of your own salvation and the salvation of those who hear you.” (1 Timothy 4:15-16)

The Lord wants to use YOU. He has work for you to do, sis. And whether that’s teaching, writing, singing, dancing, acting, working a job, starting your own business or ministry, training up your kids, or helping your husband do what he has been called to do, throw yourself into your tasks, do what you’re supposed to do in your life and character, and get the job done. Because Jesus wants you to occupy until He comes.

He IS coming back (see the parable in Luke 19:11-27). And when He does, we need to be found faithful and using the gifts and talents that He has given us. So be sure that you are busy preparing or doing what He has called you to do before He returns and with patient endurance. Until that great and glorious day, live a life poured out (read Philippians 2:12-18). And while you’re pouring, watch out for those distractions.

Remember, Jesus is coming back soon! And those who endure unto the end shall be saved. So let’s be ready from the Inside Out!


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