Steps Toward Your Purpose

I was recently a part of a women’s conference (She Will Conference), and one of my fellow sisters in Christ spoke on a lot of “P” words. It was truly awesome! And I say that to say, that even though this was not intended, I can’t help but have a bunch of “P” words coming out of me as I prepare to write this week’s blog post! LOL! So as you read this write-up, I can’t help but talk about the process of prayer, patience, [...]

5 Ways to Spend Time with God When Life Gets Busy

5 Ways to Spend Time with God When Life Gets Busy By Inside Out with Courtnaye Life gets busy! Trust me. I know it. As women, some of us have kids, housework, errands to run, dinner to cook, extracurricular activities to drive our kids to, ministry responsibilities, and tasks that need our immediate attention. For some, there may be schoolwork that needs to get done (college or online courses for seminary) or deadlines from work that need to be met on time. Nevertheless, in the [...]

Need Strength?

Do you ever find yourself praying or crying out these words to God, “Lord, I need your strength”? I know that I have. Whether it’s been for added strength to clean up my house, work on an assignment, deal with my kids, help my husband, push through a workout, or to endure the process of training or a trial…I HAVE CALLED OUT FOR HELP AND STRENGTH! Have you? You opened this post for a reason. Pause for a second and think about why you need [...]

Finding the Right Friends

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE a good fellowship! And I love good friends! When I was out in the world, me and my friends  just “hung out”. And there’s nothing wrong with hanging out, as long as you’re hanging out with the right people and in the right places. Amen! When I stepped over into the Christian arena, it turned more into fellowship vs. hanging out. And it’s one of the things that I thoroughly enjoy! But let me ask you a [...]

How to Build Strong Christian Relationships

In this post, I’m going to dive right into talking about how to build strong Christian relationships. Because I believe it’s vital that we not only have the right people around us and who support us, but that we do our part in building upon those relationships. Amen! So, I hope and pray that this post helps you in some way! Here goes… Friendships – For starters, I want to tell you that a great way to build upon strong Christian relationships is to choose [...]

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