Waiting on the Lord

  By Inside Out with Courtnaye So many people are waiting on the Lord in our world. Some are waiting for the pain to stop from the loss of a friend or loved one. Some are waiting for someone that they care about dearly to come out of the hospital, healed. Some are waiting for their adult children to be saved or make wiser choices in life or for patience and strength as they raise small children or teenagers. There are many who [...]

Be Strong and Courageous

Have you ever had a time in your life, when you felt so afraid that you screamed inside of yourself, “I just can’t do it!” Are you there now? God knows that there will be times when you will feel afraid to move forward or do something that is totally out of your comfort zone. He knows that sometimes fear will try to paralyze you from doing that very thing that you know you should do. Yet, in spite of the apprehension, that’s when He [...]

Need Strength?

Do you ever find yourself praying or crying out these words to God, “Lord, I need your strength”? I know that I have. Whether it’s been for added strength to clean up my house, work on an assignment, deal with my kids, help my husband, push through a workout, or to endure the process of training or a trial…I HAVE CALLED OUT FOR HELP AND STRENGTH! Have you? You opened this post for a reason. Pause for a second and think about why you need [...]

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