Becoming a Good Leader

Do you believe in your heart that God is calling you to be a leader? Whether it’s at work, in your community, or in ministry, do you feel that tug? Some of you reading this may already be in a leadership position, but I believe there’s always room for growth…especially spiritually. Wherever you are at this point in the process, I believe that God has placed this post on my heart to share these helpful nuggets with you as He makes you into the leader [...]

Being a Godly Example…Others Are Watching

As a professing Christian, if you don’t already know, people who are unsaved and even saved for that matter, are watching your walk with Christ. Yep! It’s true. I know…the pressure. But the reality is that they want to know, “Are you the real deal?” and “Are you someone that I can follow to lead me to Christ?” And for others’ who have been saved for quite some time but are interested in spiritual growth, they may be watching your obedience, endurance, perseverance, how you [...]

Preparation for Your Calling

You’ve been placed on this earth for a reason…for a purpose. And God has already been preparing you for a long time for your actual calling. When God calls, He prepares you. He also fully equips you to accomplish His work and will for your life. The key is walking with Him in faith, step by step, and in patience, while He prepares you for your calling. Notice, Jesus didn’t just walk into His purpose. He prepared for it. He started out as a carpenter, [...]

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