Growing Weary in Well Doing

How are you today, sis? Are you tired? Are you super busy? Do you like you're near burnout? Or are you growing a little weary in well-doing? If so, I’ve been there too. Now on the flip side, are you invigorated and refreshed right now? If so, I think that’s awesome too! But…just in case you ever get to the point when you feel like you are growing weary in well-doing, pull this blog back up…or recommend it to a friend. But for now, let’s [...]

Understanding Putting On the Full Armor of God

PRINT THIS ONE! If you've clicked onto this post, then I believe it’s because you truly want to understand what putting on the full armor of God is all about. Or maybe you’re here, because you keep seeing “Put on the Full Armor of God” (I know all about it). Or maybe you’re here, because you receive my posts weekly (if so, thanks for your faithfulness as we grow together in our relationship with the Lord). Yet, in either case, you’re not here by chance. [...]

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