Setting Up Your War Room

Have you ever seen the movie, “War Room?” I have to start there, because if you don’t, then the title alone may throw you for a loop! Well, if you don’t know, your “War Room” is really your prayer closet. Do you have one? Or do you feel like you could use it right now? Before I talk about the actual “War Room,” I have to remind you that prayer is vital for you as a growing Christian woman. It’s your direct line to God [...]

Watch and Pray…

Have you noticed that there is so much going on in the world around us? When we look at the news on TV, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or hear about things that are happening in our local communities, there is so much to be praying for. We also need to be praying for the things that we see happening in our homes, churches, and jobs. It’s so important that we watch and pray in these last days. Jesus knew the importance of prayer. He prayed to [...]

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