Enduring Unto the End

www.courtnayerichard.com I’m going to take off with this one, so buckle up for the ride, my sister. So much is happening in our world today. We have the coronavirus, riots, defunding the police, division, vaccines, contact tracing talks, the peace deal, and the presidential election brewing all at the same time. Our world is in chaos. And let’s not forget about life’s tests and trials, right? This calls for enduring faith all the way unto the end. Spiritually speaking, Jesus forewarned us that before He [...]

How to Keep Your Joy Up!

No doubt, there are so many things that can try to rob us of our joy. Tough circumstances, broken relationships, struggling finances, missed deadlines or opportunities, being late for something, kid issues, marital problems, the loss of a loved one, and the list could literally go on and on. But you, my dear sister, can have joy in the midst of it all. Let’s talk about how to keep it up when trying moments hit your life. When challenging times strike, I know it’s tough [...]

How to Be Ready for Christ’s Soon Return

If you are already a believer of Jesus Christ, then I want to ask you this question. If Jesus was to come back for you today, would you be ready? Now, I want to ask you this other question. Are you helping others to be ready? In today’s post, I’m going to be talking about being ready for the return of Christ…because He is coming soon. To some this is a scary thought. And to those who are watching and waiting, it’s a time of great [...]

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