How to Deal with a World in Crisis

There is no doubt that we are currently facing some dire and dark days for everyone. No one is exempt contrary to popular belief. If you’ve noticed or have been watching the news (at the time of this post), Hurricane Harvey hit the coast and devastated parts of Texas such as Houston, Beaumont, Rockport, Corpus Christi, and surrounding areas, and now Florida (my heart, prayers, and assistance goes out to them as I know what it’s like to live through a major hurricane disaster – [...]

Love Keeps No Record

Have you ever heard that the people who are the closest to you can hurt you the most? Well, I believe that is true. I mean, look at what happened with Judas and Jesus. That’s living proof that it does in fact, happen. And if it occurred with our Savior, then we can definitely expect it to take place with us. So…what do you when someone you love hurts you? Do you lash out at the individual? Do you withhold your affection? Do you curl [...]

How to Love People Even When It’s Hard

I’m going to start this post by saying that it’s easy to love those who are easy to love. Would you agree? I mean, it’s easy to love someone who buys you a gift. It’s easy to love someone who’s treating you right. It’s easy to love someone who has joy unspeakable joy or who lights up a room when they walk in. Those are the easy ones to love, right? But how about the ones who are hard to love? How about the grumpy [...]

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