Sitting with the Master Teacher

By Inside Out with Courtnaye I don’t know about you, but I LOVE the story of Mary and Martha (especially as we live in such a busy culture today). It grounds me, because it helps me to see the heart of God. He is all about relationship. And what a great example than to show us how important spending quality time is with the Lord through this vivid and relatable passage of Scripture (see Luke 10:38-42). Mary and Martha were so excited to [...]

Do You Ever Feel Too Busy?

Too busy to spend time with your kids or hubby? Too busy to clean your house? Too busy to carve a day out of your month to have lunch with a friend? Too busy to call your mom or dad to see how they are doing? Too busy to take a personal day for yourself or plan a weekend get-a-way to get refreshed? Too busy to pray or spend time in God’s word? Too busy to do what you KNOW God has called you to [...]

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