15 Ways to Study the Bible & Grow Spiritually in 2016

How are things going for you so far this year? Have you been drawing closer to God? Have you written down some goals for this year already? One more question…Did you get a chance to download my FREE January 2016 Devotional yet (FREE January 2016 Devotional...A New Year for A New You!)? If so, AWESOME! But if not, do it TODAY! It will help you achieve not only your weekly goals, but more importantly, your spiritual goals for this year. It’s time to draw nigh [...]

Eat the Word

Some of you reading this might be saying, “What?!” LOL! I know! But it’s a real expression. God actually told Ezekiel, “Eat the scroll.” What He was telling him was to eat what He was giving him, so that he would not only have the word for himself, but that he would eat it so he could give the people a message from the Lord. So it may sound weird, maybe, but it’s actually a biblical principle. And today, God is telling us to do [...]

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