10 Life-Changing Blog Posts with Study Guide…

Hey there my sister! I've attached my FREE ebook compiled of 10 Life-Changing Blog posts with a Study Guide! It's entitled, "The Influence of a Changed Woman." It's amazing what you will be able to do to advance the Kingdom of heaven and change the world around you, when you grow spiritually. And by now, you should know that it's all about helping women grow in their walk here on Inside Out with Courtnaye...so grow! This FREE downloadable ebook (PDF format for you) can be [...]

Overcoming Fear One THOUGHT at a Time

If you think about it, fear starts in the mind. It’s the “what if” or “I don’t know what I would do if” factor. Of course there are many more starter factors depending on what you’re dealing with, but hopefully you’re catching the point. A lot of it starts in the mind. However, sometimes it can begin to take shape in your life after you’ve experienced a particular incident that scared you. When that happens, it has the potential to start a fierce battle in [...]

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