5 Time-Management Tips for You

www.courtnayerichard.com If you clicked onto this post, then I would guess that you’re pretty interested in managing your time better in this season. I think it’s something that we all need to do, especially women because we wear so many hats. We have the responsibilities of being a wife (if you’re married), motherhood, work, taking care of the home, ministry, and caring for those who are in need. With all of these hats, we’ve got to learn how to rock them well. So let’s dive [...]

Time Management for Women

How would you say you are doing in this area? Could you use a little help? Let’s face it. As women, we are SUPER busy these days, right?! We have so many demands on us within a 24 hour period that sometimes we could literally scream! Would you agree? So honestly speaking, I would venture to say that I think we ALL could use a little or lot of extra help in this department (and I would love for you to share your time management [...]

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