Going Deeper in God

If you were to take a quick inventory of your life right now, where would say your relationship is with God? Is it close or distant? Is it strong or strained? Have hard trials hardened your heart? Is busyness making you too busy to spend that precious time with Him? Long story short, in this moment of your life, would you like to discover how to go deeper in Him in spite of all the odds and obstacles? Now, let me start by saying this. [...]

What If You Had the Perfect Life…

Really think about this for a few minutes. Actually, when you have a moment (after reading this blog post), grab a piece of paper, a pen, and write down what the perfect life would look like for you. Just dream for a bit. And have fun with it too! Begin with these words, “If I had the perfect life I would…” Let me help you out with a few suggestions of how to accomplish this little assignment. Personally, if I had the perfect life, I [...]

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