Finding Freedom in Confession

I’m going to talk about something today that might be a little tough for some, but I believe that in the end, you’ll understand the purpose for this post. It’s about confession. Now, for some, this action step may be easy. Yet, for others it may be downright gut-wrenching (mainly, because it’s very humbling and revealing). In any case, if you do it, I believe you’ll discover that confession actually brings freedom. Straight up…confession begins when we open our mouths. It’s about admitting where we truly are with [...]

Nothing Happens Until You Start Moving

If you know that you are supposed to be doing something or you know that God has led you to do something, then I need to ask you this question. What are you waiting for? Get up out of that slumber and get to it! Because guess what? Nothing happens until you start moving. For instance, if you know that you need to start writing that book, business plan, vision, proposal, Christian movie script, blog, song, or To-Do-List, get to it! Because if you don’t [...]

When You Don’t Understand What God is Doing

Have you ever been in a position in your life, when you just couldn’t figure out what was happening? It’s that place where you just can’t put your finger on what was going on? It’s a time when you just don’t understand what God is doing. Well, if you haven’t been there yet, hold on, because at some point in your life, you’ll get there. But for some of you who are there right now….let’s talk about it. No doubt, this is a tough place [...]

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