Working Together in the Body of Christ

I want to start this post by asking you a question. Do you know your place in the body of Christ? Meaning, where you’re called to serve? If your answer is no, then I urge you to pray and ask God to show you where to serve, who to serve, and how to serve well. And if you know your place, then I’ll ask you this. Are you flowing in it or are you stagnated? These are essential questions for today’s time, because Jesus is [...]

Need Direction?

I believe if you clicked onto this post, you either need direction right now or you want to help someone else who needs it. Wherever you are on this topic, I pray that this post helps you or that individual. With that being said, I’m going to dive straight into this one, because you need answers. I totally get it! So here’s my advice to you as you read this: Pray today – I can’t stress this enough. If you need direction or answers, the [...]

Lord, Help Me to Be Patient with People!

Are you struggling with being patient with people right now? Are you becoming more edgy or impatient in fast food lines, grocery stores, the bank, or with friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, leaders and/or boss, or fellow church members? Again, are you struggling just a tiny bit or a whole lot in this department? You know…that moment in your life when you want to shout, “Lord, help me to be patient with people, please!” Ever been there? I’ve totally been there! Oh my goodness, have I [...]

How to Overcome Disappointments

If you've opened this post, you’re either disappointed right now about something or someone, or maybe you simply want to learn more on how to overcome disappointments when they strike. Wherever you are on the topic, I pray that this post ministers to you, greatly.  Now let’s go deeper. Either way you look at it, disappointments hurt. Yet, it’s a rather unique type of hurt. It’s more of an emotional pain. It’s like an internal let down to what you may have expected from someone [...]

Are You Believing God for Something?

If you are, then I want to kick start this post by telling you, “Don’t stop believing God for it.” When He tells you something, promises you something, or places that thing deep within your heart, no matter how long it takes, believe it, and wait for it to happen. Though it may tarry, continue to wait for it, because if He has promised it, then it will surely come to pass just like He said in Habakkuk 2:3. Your job is to keep believing Him. [...]

Being a Godly Example…Others Are Watching

As a professing Christian, if you don’t already know, people who are unsaved and even saved for that matter, are watching your walk with Christ. Yep! It’s true. I know…the pressure. But the reality is that they want to know, “Are you the real deal?” and “Are you someone that I can follow to lead me to Christ?” And for others’ who have been saved for quite some time but are interested in spiritual growth, they may be watching your obedience, endurance, perseverance, how you [...]

When Someone Disagrees with You

How do you handle when someone disagrees with you about something? Especially something that you’re passionate about, or feel that you are right on. Do you respond calmly or do you get upset? I think the reality is that people are going to disagree with us sometimes for one reason or another. Yet, I believe the deciding factor is really more about how we deal with it vs. whether they agree or disagree. When it comes to disagreements, God is looking at our response to [...]

How to Recognize Spiritual Warfare

Listen to Blog here: How to Recognize Spiritual Warfare or keep reading on... If you are a Christian, guess what? You are going to experience spiritual warfare. Yep! And now that you know, that’s only half the battle. The next step is recognizing how to deal with it when it strikes! Whether you believe it or not, we do have a real enemy. Actually, the moment you get out of bed to move further in faith, your next assignment, a new level, or your destiny, Satan will [...]

How to Make Things Right with Others

Have you ever been offended with anyone or ever felt like someone did you something wrong? If so, how did it make you feel? Were you angry, sad, or just plain hurt? Or what about when you’ve actually been the one to do or say something that could have had the same effect? In either scenario, no matter what, we need to know how to make things right with other people as Christian women. Jesus tells us through Matthew 18:15-16, “If another believer sins against [...]

Overcoming Fear One THOUGHT at a Time

If you think about it, fear starts in the mind. It’s the “what if” or “I don’t know what I would do if” factor. Of course there are many more starter factors depending on what you’re dealing with, but hopefully you’re catching the point. A lot of it starts in the mind. However, sometimes it can begin to take shape in your life after you’ve experienced a particular incident that scared you. When that happens, it has the potential to start a fierce battle in [...]

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