How to Make Things Right with Others

Have you ever been offended with anyone or ever felt like someone did you something wrong? If so, how did it make you feel? Were you angry, sad, or just plain hurt? Or what about when you’ve actually been the one to do or say something that could have had the same effect? In either scenario, no matter what, we need to know how to make things right with other people as Christian women. Jesus tells us through Matthew 18:15-16, “If another believer sins against [...]

How to Stop Grumbling

If you opened this post or clicked onto this blog link, then you know that you need to stop grumbling. LOL! If you find yourself talking negatively about people to others or even under your breath, that’s grumbling. Again, it’s simply not a coincidence that you’re here. God knew! So let’s jump right into how to stop it…shall we? Okay…first of all the actual term in Greek means to “whisper, murmur, mutter, in muffled undertones, and to show smoldering discontentment and constant murmuring.” It’s also [...]

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