Conquering Complaining

Yes! I am so glad that you clicked onto this link! If you are here right now, then you, I, and GOD (for that fact) all know that you want to be delivered and set free from this negative emotion. And that is a GREAT thing! So, let’s talk about conquering a complaining attitude. The best way to start is with the Word of God. It has been my lifeline for life-change, and it will do the same for you if you apply [...]

How to Stop Grumbling

If you opened this post or clicked onto this blog link, then you know that you need to stop grumbling. LOL! If you find yourself talking negatively about people to others or even under your breath, that’s grumbling. Again, it’s simply not a coincidence that you’re here. God knew! So let’s jump right into how to stop it…shall we? Okay…first of all the actual term in Greek means to “whisper, murmur, mutter, in muffled undertones, and to show smoldering discontentment and constant murmuring.” It’s also [...]

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