Recognizing the Season You’re In

If you were to examine your current situation or season in life right now, what would you say? Think about that for a quick moment. Would you say that you’re in a grinding season, dry season, getting married season, waiting for your godly mate season, raising small kids or teens season, empty nesting season, spiritual warfare season, tests and trials at nearly every turn season, growing closer to God season, and the list could go on and on, right? Gotcha! So let’s talk (or read) [...]

Responding Properly Under Pressure

By Inside Out with Courtnaye If you clicked onto this post, you’re probably shouting, “Yes! How do you do it?” Trust me. If you feel this way, I totally get it, because I’ve been where you are before, too. Actually, I wish I could’ve read a post like this years ago! But here it is, my sister. Tried and true. So let’s talk about how to respond properly under pressure. First of all, let me ask this quick question. What’s got you under [...]

When the Pressure Is On!

When the pressure is on, how do you respond? Do you respond sweet in your spirit, or do you respond with anger, frustration, crying, or throwing a fit or things? Do you lash out at others or become overly emotional? Or do you just get quiet and let your mind go crazy inside with evil thoughts? Last question… do you sometimes act out of character? It’s okay to be honest. This is between you and God and He wants to help you. When you’re under [...]

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