Responding Properly Under Pressure

By Inside Out with Courtnaye If you clicked onto this post, you’re probably shouting, “Yes! How do you do it?” Trust me. If you feel this way, I totally get it, because I’ve been where you are before, too. Actually, I wish I could’ve read a post like this years ago! But here it is, my sister. Tried and true. So let’s talk about how to respond properly under pressure. First of all, let me ask this quick question. What’s got you under [...]

A Blast from the Past!

          Hey ladies! This week, I've reposted some messages from the past that maybe you haven't seen before! And if you have read these, then share them with others that you know. All of this will continue to help you grow as a Christian woman, while also helping others get stronger in their walk with God as well. Share it! And don't forget to leave a comment if it ministers to your heart. I'd love to hear from you! Have a blessed week! Remember, [...]