How to Silence Your Thoughts

(Photo Credit: Canva Pro) Just the other morning, as I opened my eyes for the day, I rolled over and felt this amazing sense of peace. It truly was indescribable. The morning was still. It was quiet. I was still in bed (my feet had not yet hit the floor). But then suddenly, one by one, thoughts began to flood in with each demand of the day – until I silenced them! Yep. I shut them down. And you can, too! Whether you’re rolling [...]

What Happens When You Embrace Contentment

Can I ask you a question? I hope you answered a wholehearted “yes” (LOL). Okay, here goes and seriously speaking… “Do you want God’s best?” I would think that it didn’t take long at all for you to answer that question. I mean, who wouldn’t want God’s best, right? Right. Yet, I’ve discovered over the years, that in order to receive God’s best it does entail…having a heart of contentment and embracing it vs. hating it. Many of us know that being content is not [...]

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