What Are You Passionate About?

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I think this post is going to be an exciting one to dive into! So I hope you have your printer ready, fingers geared up to screen shot, or your journal nearby to take a few notes, because this one will be thought-provoking and motivating. The whole point is to get you MOVING in God’s direction! So what is it, sis? What are you passionate about? Think about it for a sec and write it down. Biblically, God was passionate for us when He sent [...]

Telling and Receiving the Hard Truth

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I know right out of the gates, this one may be far from easy for some people. So let me ask you this question. Is it hard for you to tell someone the hard truth? Do you struggle with telling someone you love or care about the truth? If so, why is that? Is it because maybe you’re afraid of how he or she may feel or receive it? Or are you pretty bold and straightforward? Either way, let’s discover how to tell someone the [...]

Let God Fight This Battle

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Ever heard that your weapons of warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds? That’s actually a Scripture found in 2 Corinthians 10:4. Meaning that as you draw closer to God and do what He has called you to do, you will experience spiritual warfare. Opposition will come. People will come against you. Tough circumstances will pop up without much notice. Yet, when these inevitable things happen, and when you feel like you just can’t fight your battles on [...]

How to Handle Your Struggles

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If you’re going through a tough time at this moment in your life, I pray that this post truly ministers to you and encourages you. I want to start by reassuring you that, “God is here.” Remember, His Word promises that He will never leave you, nor forsake you. So that means that He is with you in the struggle. The reality of life (even for us as Christian women) is that hard times hit our lives. Think about it for a second. One day [...]

Going Deeper in God

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If you were to take a quick inventory of your life right now, where would say your relationship is with God? Is it close or distant? Is it strong or strained? Have hard trials hardened your heart? Is busyness making you too busy to spend that precious time with Him? Long story short, in this moment of your life, would you like to discover how to go deeper in Him in spite of all the odds and obstacles? Now, let me start by saying this. [...]

When You Just Need to Rest

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Are you tired, sis? Do you need a break? If you do, then guess what? You are not alone. These days, with the rat race, daily demands at home and work, ministry assignments, endless entrepreneurial ideas, and social media craze, I would think we all could use some much needed rest. If you’re tired, then let me remind you of this familiar, yet timely comforting verse from Jesus’ own lips, “Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I [...]

Women’s Bible Study

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Just looking at the title of this post, what was the first thing that came to your mind? Think about that for a brief moment. The reason why this particular post is entitled, “Women’s Bible Study” is because not only do I believe that Christian women should be plugged into one, I also believe that we need to consider hosting one (as the Lord leads you of course). This is all a part of helping to fulfill The Great Commission. Before Jesus ascended into heaven, [...]

This Mother’s Day

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(Photo Credit Victoria Steelman Images) How would you like to spend it? Because it’s just around the corner! Soooo…would you like to spend this Mother’s Day having fun or relaxing? Reminiscing and reflecting back? Or spending time with your family or alone? Think about it. Wherever or however, if you’re a mother, it’s your day! So plan it well and with joy no matter what. Personally, I love spending time with my kiddos on Mother's Day. Every now and then I like to go somewhere [...]

10 Life-Changing Blog Posts with Study Guide…

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Hey there my sister! I've attached my FREE ebook compiled of 10 Life-Changing Blog posts with a Study Guide! It's entitled, "The Influence of a Changed Woman." It's amazing what you will be able to do to advance the Kingdom of heaven and change the world around you, when you grow spiritually. And by now, you should know that it's all about helping women grow in their walk here on Inside Out with Courtnaye...so grow! This FREE downloadable ebook (PDF format for you) can be [...]