Getting Too Busy for Your Kids?

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I would go on record to say that I believe that we are the busiest generation of parents that this world has ever experienced! My goodness! Just about everyone in this time and generation is BUSY! Are you busy? If you’re a mother, do you think that you might be getting too busy for your kids? I’ll tell you, it’s like being busy is the new “in” thing! Let me say here that there is absolutely nothing wrong with being busy doing what [...]

When, If, and How to Confront Someone

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Hands down, confrontation is not easy. I think I could vouch for many when I say, "No one really likes confrontation." Mainly, because it's awkward. Other reasons I believe are because we don't quite know how the other person will respond. Yet, that's when we have to pray and decide when, if, and how we need to confront someone. Again, one reason why I think we don’t jump at the opportunity with great excitement or determination to confront someone is because we [...]

Run from Flattery

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In this post, I have a quick test that I’d love for you to take! It’s on flattery. It should only take less than 60 seconds. But in the meantime, let me ask you this question. Did you know that flattery is a sin? YES! It is - so run from it like a plague! And what I mean by that is, run from doing it. In all actuality, it doesn’t really help the receiver or hearer, because if you’re honest, it doesn’t come [...]

Don’t Doubt Yourself

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I’m going to jump right into this one, because I want to encourage you right from the start! What’s got you doubting yourself? Were there negative words spoken to you (or over you)? Have you been meditating on negative thoughts that the enemy has planted in your mind and now you’re entertaining them? If so, shake them off, sis. Don’t let that stuff weigh you down. Don’t doubt yourself any longer, because God wouldn’t want you to! Actually, the opposite of [...]

Studying A Book of the Bible

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  In this busy life that many of us are living these days, we have to make time to get into God’s Word. I know that we have to get the kids off to school and extracurricular activities, clean the house, wash clothes, cook dinner, take care of the hubby’s needs (if you’re married), and do the work that needs to be done, whether that’s a day job or ministry. But again, we have to make the intentional effort to get into the Word of [...]

Need Rest?

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Are you tired, sis? Do you need a break? If you do, then guess what? You are not alone. These days, with the rat race, daily demands at home and work, ministry assignments, endless entrepreneurial ideas, and social media craze, I would think we all could use some much needed rest. If you’re tired, then let me remind you of this familiar, yet timely comforting verse from Jesus’ own lips, “Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I [...]

Do Something Different

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  Now, I’m going to start this post by asking you a few deep questions. As a woman, wife, or mother, I want you to think back for a moment of how it was when you were growing up. How was your childhood? How were your teenage years? What about your young adult years? Were there some things that you witnessed either through your parents, upbringing, or your circle of friends that were hard to take in, maybe even hurtful? Are there some things in [...]

FREE Vision Kit for 2018

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Well, my sisters, it’s a brand new year!!! Praise God! My New Year’s Gift to you is my signature Vision Kit! I pray that it helps you in setting some reachable goals and a good strategy to help you draw closer to God in 2018! God is calling you and me to continue growing deeper in our walk and relationship with Him. So with that being said, I’m gearing up to bring you new blog posts,  teaching videos, apparel, and brand new life-changing articles by [...]

This Christmas

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Christmas is around the corner. Many across the globe are shopping for last minute gifts, thinking about what they’re going to cook, and some are even planning on visiting family for the holiday. Christmas Eve falls on a Sunday this year! Woohoo! With all that being said, this Christmas, I encourage you to… Enjoy every bit of spending that quality time with your family and friends Make it an opportunity for joy and peace Embrace the fellowship Laugh, eat, play games and open up great [...]

Working Through Frustration

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If you clicked onto this post, then you’re probably trying to figure out how to work through your frustration. Are you there now? Or are you just trying to prepare for when you are or maybe trying to help someone else? Wherever you are on the subject, let’s talk about how to work through it, so that you can begin moving forward again. Ready? Okay, so for starters, what are you frustrated about? Are you working on a project that’s got you in a tailspin? [...]