Time Management for Women

How would you say you are doing in this area? Could you use a little help? Let’s face it. As women, we are SUPER busy these days, right?! We have so many demands on us within a 24 hour period that sometimes we could literally scream! Would you agree? So honestly speaking, I would venture to say that I think we ALL could use a little or lot of extra help in this department (and I would love for you to share your time management [...]

When Someone Disagrees with You

How do you handle when someone disagrees with you about something? Especially something that you’re passionate about, or feel that you are right on. Do you respond calmly or do you get upset? I think the reality is that people are going to disagree with us sometimes for one reason or another. Yet, I believe the deciding factor is really more about how we deal with it vs. whether they agree or disagree. When it comes to disagreements, God is looking at our response to [...]

Taking Care of Your Temple REALISTICALLY

I’m going to just dive right into this post. How are doing as it relates to diet and exercise? Do you have a weekly regimen of exercise and a healthy eating pattern that you follow? Or do you dread working out and pretty much eat what you want? Let me ask one more question…please. Do you work out and eat right, but struggle with consistency? Well in either case, let’s talk about how to take care of your body in a realistic way…a way that [...]

Walking By Faith, Not By Sight

Is God calling you to step out in faith? Or has He called you in recent past to do so? If so, how does it or did it make you feel? Excited, scared, or a mix of both emotions? In either case, when God calls us to walk by faith and not by sight as 2 Corinthians 5:7 encourages, the major instruction here is that we trust Him beyond what we can see. Faith is trusting God. It’s moving forward, knowing that He’s right there [...]

Overcoming a Complaining Attitude

Yes! I am so glad that you clicked onto this link! If you are here right now, then you, I, and GOD (for that fact) knows that you want to be delivered and set free from this negative emotion. And that is a GREAT thing! So let’s work together to overcome a complaining attitude. The best way to start is with the Word of God. It has been my lifeline for life-change, and it will do the same for you if you apply it. Philippians [...]

How YOU Can Win Souls to Christ TODAY: A Message on Effective Witnessing

It’s time sis! I don’t know if you feel it or sense it in your spirit, but it’s time to win souls to Christ like never before. Jesus is coming back soon, and we have a role to play in advancing the Kingdom before He comes. People all around you need Jesus. Many in your community or even in your circle of family and friends (even on social media) are hurting, broken, desperate, lonely, without hope, don’t know their purpose, and feel like God doesn’t [...]

Speak the Word Over Your Life

I believe all of us need to be reminded of this one. Unfortunately, we can get so caught up in our daily to-do-lists that we forget when a pop quiz, test, or trial comes our way, we have to be ready to conquer it! However, if we’re not trained by having our reservoir of Scriptures at hand, then it will be pretty hard to win. So that’s why we have to be ready at all times to…Speak the Word! Jesus did it! And as Christians, we [...]

15 Ways to Study the Bible & Grow Spiritually in 2016

How are things going for you so far this year? Have you been drawing closer to God? Have you written down some goals for this year already? One more question…Did you get a chance to download my FREE January 2016 Devotional yet (FREE January 2016 Devotional...A New Year for A New You!)? If so, AWESOME! But if not, do it TODAY! It will help you achieve not only your weekly goals, but more importantly, your spiritual goals for this year. It’s time to draw nigh [...]

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