Waiting is Not Wasting

By Inside Out with Courtnaye Are you waiting on God to move in your life on something? If so, what is it? Are you waiting for that new job, to buy or build that new home? Maybe you're waiting for your children to act right or do well or waiting for your marriage to change for the better? How about waiting on the right godly husband? Furthermore, are you waiting on everything to come together for that new vision, ministry or business? The [...]

Trusting God

I know sometimes this is not an easy thing to do, but it’s so necessary for the season you’re in. You have to know that God is for you and with you. He will never fail you. He can be trusted as He puts all the pieces together in your life. Your only job right now is to keep trusting Him. I have a piece of word art on my desk that reads, “The key to success is following God’s guidance.” What this means is [...]

Believe What GOD Has Said to You

Today, I feel led to encourage you to believe what God has said to you. Take Him at His word…literally. If the Lord has given you a word or you keep seeing the same Scripture everywhere you go, believe it. I believe God is trying to tell you something. If you see it over and over again, believe it and know that He is with you. This is what I call, an echo. I just recently went to a women’s conference where Priscilla Shirer was [...]